Hire Conditions


Vessels must be controlled at all times by the holder of a current Australian boat licence. The hirer will NOT allow any other person to control the vessel unless they too hold an Australian boat licence and are listed on the booking form. The hirer is responsible for all occupants and their actions.

Operating vessels is only permitted in day light hours from sunrise to sunset. Whilst on the water, the vessel must remain within the operational limits as shown in red and purple on the map below.













Vessels are not to operate if winds exceed 25 knots. The hirer must not operate the vessel in poor weather or sea conditions or where such conditions are imminent, if these conditions are present before the hire proceeds a transfer of reservation will be granted, however we do not grant such a transfer for rain alone. If a transfer of reservation is required and should the hirer wish to move their reservation to another day this needs to be agreed to, a transfer fee of $30 will be applicable. Please see below our deposit, bond and cancellation policies.


Vessels not returned within the agreed time stipulated and the hirer is unable to be made contact with, it will be deemed the hirer to have lost/stolen the vessel and we will take steps to regain possession, including police action. An additional cost will be charged for a late return of $50 per hour if not prearranged. The hirer must pay penalty notices if issued by any Authority, occurring during the hire period. The hirer must pay for any damage or losses caused to the vessel/equipment/trailer during the hire period. The hirer is responsible for checking and ensuring that the tow vehicle meets the legal towing requirements of the vessel.

You will receive the vessel with a full tank of fuel and you must pay to re-fuel the amount you have used i.e. re-fuel it to a FULL tank. The vessel must be returned with a full tank of fuel. If not returned full, fuel will be charged at $2.50 per litre.  NO E10 FUEL ALLOWED - The hirer will pay all costs associated with removing any E10 from the vessel. 

Vessels are not to be used for any watersports where a person is towed behind the boat.

The hirer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this rental agreement and have made themselves familiar with both the location and content of the safety management plan and understand this. The hirer is responsible for all occupants complying with all conditions. If they have presented their credit card for payment, all amounts payable under the agreement and for any road or water violations may be billed to the credit card voucher.
Confirmation and sighting of the hirer’s identification will be required.


To secure your booking a deposit of 50% is required. This must be paid by direct deposit. 

Cancellation Policy:

• Single day hires cancelled by the customer within 24 hours of hire – full hire amount forfeited 
• Single day hires cancelled by the customer within 72 hours of hire – deposit forfeited 
• Single day hires cancelled by the customer with 72 hours or more notice – deposit retained as credit for 3 months from date of original hire
• Multiple day hires reduced/cancelled within 7 days of hire – deposit forfeited
• Multiple day hires reduced/cancelled with 7 days or more notice – deposit retained as credit for 3 months

Bad Weather Policy:

• If we deem to conditions to be unsafe and/or unsuitable for use your deposit will be retained as credit for 3 months from date of original booking.
• Refunds may be offered in extenuating situations pending approval.


The following bond will be deducted from your nominated credit card 24 hours before your hire.

Should you wish to pay cash for the bond this will need to be pre arranged at the time of your booking.